PILATES & yoga

Offering certified bilingual instruction in Pilates mat, reformer and chair in the classical tradition of Joseph H. Pilates. serving Ville Saint Laurent, Bois Franc and the West Island communities. Now also offering Nordic Walking Classes!


With personal attention and individualized programs, students safely realize their goals of increased strength, flexibility, stamina, and focus. Students gain the capacity to enjoy everyday activities with increased comfort and vitality. 

For those working with physical challenges or treating injuries, private yoga instruction can complement pilates treatments. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, explore how therapeutic poses can help speed your healing & recovery.  


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Conveniently located in Ville St. Laurent and just a few minutes from the West Island, & Bois Franc Pilates Saraiva provides a fun, supportive environment where students of varying fitness levels can enjoy the challenges and benefits of Pilates

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